Development of an interregional Internationalisation network

Although the opening of boarders to the East and the enlargement of the European Union happened four years ago many small enterprises have rarely engaged in cross-border. Enterprise centres from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia have therefore established a common network to support small entrepreneurs to internationalise their business activities. With financial funding from the European Union I2Net has supported more than 400 small enterprises from the participating countries to initiate relations with businesses in the old and new EU countries and much sustainable cross-border cooperation have been set up.

The Institute for Systemic Development elaborated together with the Energy and Innovation Centre of Weiz the project and supported all project partners to set up and implement the cooperation.


Weizer Energie Innovations Zentrum, Regierungspräsidium Chemnitz, Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen, Land Steiermark, Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark, BIC Burgenland, Bistra Ptuj, Wirtschaftskammer Katowice, Wirtschaftskammer Pecs, Entwicklungsagentur Tolna County


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