Common economic and social strategy for Oststeiermark

In 2002 East Styria was chosen by the European Commission as one of 20 model regions to devise new ways of developing regional strategy. For the first time economic and employment strategies were not developed and implemented at national level but at regional level by way of an example. East Styria established six subject study groups in order to plan the future in cooperation with all the relevant stakeholders. In addition, employers and employees were invited to development cells in order to also include the views of those involved. The conclusion of the project was the joint East Styrian Economic and Employment Strategy, which was published in 2004 and which has since already largely been implemented.

The Institute of Systemic Development devised the project, prepared the application documents for the competition and gave organisational and content-related support to the entire project.


Regionalentwicklung Oststeiermark, Chance B, Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark, W.E.I.Z., Innova, LFI Steiermark, LEA - Lokale Energieagentur Oststeiermark



Regional development


Regional Strategy
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