Regionet Aktiv

Development of small-regional corporate network in Austria and Hungary

International studies show that economically thriving regions are characterised by a high degree of corporate networks. With the project REGIONET Actíve economic development boards in 13 micro-regions were established by committed enterprises of the respective micro-regions.

Through regular events and activities new business relation between the regional enterprises and innovative cooperations are built. At the same time companies from a region can promote their products and services collectively.

This has already led to additional order for many companies in the participating regions and consequently increased the micro-regional creation of value. The project is financed by the programme ETC Austria-Hungary.

For the project REGIONET active the Institute for Systemic Development developed the main concept, coordinates the subsidy application and oversees the transnational implementation.


Regionaler Entwicklungsverband Industrieviertel, Regionalmanagement Oststeiermark, Regionalmanagement Burgenland, Regionalverbände Sopron, Köszeg, Csepreg und Kapuvar



Regional development


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