Cross-border development of Female Cooperation for equal opportunities for women in technical occupations

Because of the shortage of skilled workers, the industry is increasingly interested in attracting young people to technical occupations. This has been encouraged by previously very positive experiences. Despite this, girls are still in the minority in technical occupations. This has a lot to do with  stereotypes. The Femcoop project weakens these stereotypes and makes it easier for girls to enter technical occupations with suitable earning potential and career prospects. The focal point of the project is a recently tested pilot model that allows girls in secondary education to accumulate practical experience in technical occupations and to be motivated to take further steps in this direction through exciting implementation projects.

The Institute of Systemic Development supported the project partnership in developing the project and the model, in implementing the project and evaluating it.


Innovation Region Styria, Entwicklungsagentur Industrieviertel Projektmanagement, BFI Steiermark, Pannon Novum Nonprofit Kft.





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