Graz-Ljubljana technology cooperation

Development of joint technology-oriented projects between businesses and organisations in both countries

The city of Graz is a vital hub for cooperation between Austria and the countries of south-east Europe. In order to this develop this position, the city of Graz has launched the Graz Laibach Technological Cooperation Project. As part of this project, more than 100 technology-oriented businesses from Slovenia were contacted and eventually 20 were selected which were directly supported in establishing business and knowledge relationships. According to the service and skills profile of the Slovenian businesses, possible cooperation partners  were directly identified in the Graz economy and at Graz universities and colleges and individual contacts were organised. With this project, this demand-oriented individual approach made it possible to establish a substantial number of new cooperation relationships between the city of Graz and south-east Europe.

The Institute of Systemic Development developed the project and implemented it on behalf of the city together with the Freiraum Business Innovation Center.


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