City Impulses

Development of cross-border cooperation between towns in order to jointly develop new strategies, instruments and methods for an innovative public-private partnership for local development

As part of the City Impulses project, development partnerships were established in seven Austrian and Slovenian towns in order to identify and jointly implement central economic development requirements in collaboration with public and private stakeholders. Through close cooperation by the partners, all the towns benefited from the experience of successfully implementing individual local projects (cultural district, science and economy, regional purchasing power, organisation of location management, etc.). At the same time, a cross-border town marketing academy was established in which representatives from more than 50 towns from both countries took part.

The task of the Institute of Systemic Development was to develop the project and give technical support to individual towns in preparing and implementing the development plan.


Technologiezentrum Deutschlandsberg, Stadtgemeinde Velenje, Stadtgemeinde und Innovationszentrum Weiz, Stadt Graz, Stadtgemeinde Ferlach, Stadtgemeinde Jesenice



Regional development


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