Development of new tourism and education-oriented forms of experience of regional-specific garden and cultural landscapes

The regions involved in the project have an enormous variety of cultural landscapes (orchards, vineyards and palace gardens, wild herb and alpine meadows, chestnut-lined avenues,  etc.), from which a broad panoply of culinary and cultural traditions have developed. As well as the classical gardens , this diversity of nature and garden resources contains all the riches of the regional cultural landscapes and the products and tourist features resulting from these. An increasing number of people are seeking holidays, recreation and countryside idylls in authentic regions with well-tended garden and cultural landscapes, and which have first class regional cuisine. The Nature-Culinary project has developed new kinds of experience and holiday offers around the Nature-Culinary theme. Joint marketing of garden offers by the regions allowed them to develop a clear position in the market. Integrating these resources opened up new opportunities for added value for tourism, economy and education.

The Institute of Systemic Development supported the partners in developing the project, in the successful  submission and in effective implementation in the interests of the regions.


Komitat Vas, Stadt Wien, Entwicklungsagentur Westpannonien, Bioforschung Austria





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