Flagship Products

Regional Capitalization of premium food brands

Tourist destinations are increasingly asked to develop and communicate unique regional selling points in order to be able to position themselves in international competition. East Styria is by far the largest Austrian producer of apples, pumpkin seeds, horseradish, runner beans and elder. An integrated concept was developed as part of Flagship Products in order to develop new, innovative offers around leading products along the entire value added chain (agriculture, commerce, industry, gastronomy, tourism, trade) and to market these jointly. For the first time the marketing of tourist services is closely related to the marketing of commercial products and relevant synergies are realised.

The Institute of Systemic Development developed and implemented the project methodologically and in relation to content.


Tourismusregionalverband Oststeiermark, Regionalmanagement Oststeiermark, Tourismusverband Apfelland, Lebensmittelcluster Steiermark


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