Development of a European strategy to manage structure change

The regions from Austria (East-Styria), Germany (Freiberg) and Finland (Satakunta) joined efforts to support the European Commission for social and employment issues to elaborate joint strategies to manage structure change.
The main issue of the concept was the development of future scenarios for the three participating regions on the basis of interviews held with on-site companies and decision-makers and international trends and developments.
Based on these scenarios concepts for the future in all three regions were elaborated to accommodate expected developments and trends and to secure a corresponding positioning in the face of international competition of the regions.
The project showed that priorities for regional development had to be redefined in parts and issues such as research, qualifications for skilled workers and migration needed to be taken more into consideration regarding the regional development. These results have already led to changes in the regional development in East-Styria and to success regarding research, qualifications and demographic development.

The Institute for Systemic Development elaborated the project concept, supported the submission to the EU and the project management during the implementation.


Regionalmanagment Oststeiermark, Prizz Tec, Initiative Südwestsachsen, Saxonia, GIZEF, Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark, Arbeiterkammer Steiermark, LFI, Tourismuskompetenzzentrum Thermenland Oststeiermark, Weizer Energie Zentrum, Ökopark Hartberg, Gründerzentrum Fürstenfeld, ÖSB, ZBW





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