Resource efficiency of technology centres

Five Styrian technology centres developed jointly a system to increase efficiency for resources consumption. With intelligent measuring devices the continuous consumption of electricity, heat and water by companies was analysed in a detailed manner and put on a joint online platform. The consumption of the individual centres can be compared on this platform, deviation analysed and measures to increase efficiency can be developed. However, the project was not only an effective instrument to increase the resource efficiency in the company centres, but it also lead to the development of new products and services for online resource controlling which in the meantime are successfully distributed by these companies.

The Institute for Systemic Development in collaboration with the technology centre and companies developed the research concept and provided the project management for the implementation.


Telepark Bärnbach, Weizer Energie Innovations Zentrum, Technologiepark Deutschlandsberg, Gründerzentrum Fürstenfeld, Business Center Graz Liebenau, Hiquel, Stengg, Rosenfelder, Binder, Nekom


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