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New ways for the thermae tourism

Thermae tourism the border region of Austria, Hungary and Slovenia boomed a couple of decades ago and in the meantime is experiencing a high market saturation. The wide range of water experience landscapes no longer suffices in the face of international tourism competition.
East-Styria in cooperation with the neighbouring regions in Slovenia has worked on a concept to develop internationally competitive tourism offered for the future and to implement these.
This tourism focuses on a newly discovered authenticity of the region, newly developed health offer based on regional biodiversity, regional adventure activities for specific target-groups and highly qualified and motivated staff. This ambitious programme will be carried out with the support of the Slovenia-Austria cross-border programme.

The Institute for Systemic Development supported the project partners to develop the concept for the future of regional tourism and supported the financing through the cross-border EU-programmes.


Steirisches Thermenland, EU-Regionalmanagement Oststeiermark, Qualifizierungsagentur Oststeiermark




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