Economy Joglland

Economic development in cooperation with regional companies

Economy Joglland is a combined initiative of 800 companies in the region. In cooperation with the regional communities and the tourist board and the regional management East-Styria an active economic network of the region has been established. The first steps were the introduction of the Joglland voucher through which already in the first year 300,000 euro purchasing power could be used in the region. The joint marketing of the special offers of the regional companies on their own website and a joint print medium were further activities of the initiative. At present a combined organisation of the 800 regional companies is being established in order to link joint events of the regional companies more tightly and to raise the value creation of the region with specific development of offers and marketing. The initiative is supported by the cross-border programme Austria-Hungary and by the programme leader.

The Institute for Systemic Development supports the region in setting up the company network and in developing and realising specific activities to assist and promote the regional economy.


Joglland Wirtschaft, Kraftspendedörfer Joglland, Tourismusverband Joglland-Waldheimat, Verein Vorauer Wirtschaft, Regionalmanagement Oststeiermark, Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark



Regional development
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