Employment Pact East-Styria

Regional integration of economic and employment policies

Initiated by the regional management East-Styria representatives of the region, enterprises, the Public Employment Service Austria as well as agencies for economic and employment policies in East-Styria formed the regional employment pact East-Styria. Twice a year all regional responsible parties meet at a two-day convention in order to align economic priorities and initiatives with labour market policies and to develop new integrated projects. In the East-Styria leading sectors such as tourism, renewable energy, agriculture and metal processing many workplaces have been secured through targeted qualification and employment initiatives and numerous workplaces have been created. At the same a new climate of regional confidence and regional cooperation on all levels has emerged. Because of the success of the East-Styrian initiative the model of regional employment pact has been implemented throughout Styria.

The Institute for Systemic Development together with the regional management East-Styria and the Public Employment Service Styria elaborated on the main concept and has supported the employment pact East-Styria ever since to develop and carry out joint activities.


Regionalmanagement Oststeiermark, Arbeitsmarktservice, Wirtschaftskammer, Arbeiterkammer, NGO, Bildungseinrichtungen



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